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World Triathlon Bookings

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Schedule your team's online/tele-health certified antigen testing for for WTS teams and visitors. Easy, Fast and Convenient - Teams of up to 10 people schedule a time that works best for them.

  • We've got you covered!

    Fit to Fly BDA makes testing your whole team fast, easy and convenient.

    Sign up below for the size of your boat and the time slot which works best for your crew.

    You can also book for any family members flying down.

  • What you need

    Make sure you pick up two antigen testing kits on the approved list in case one is defective - we know you have a lot riding on this test, so best to be extra-prepared. This is in addition to tests you need on board for the duration of the race.

    The list of approved tests can be found HERE.

  • What we need

    It is easiest to assign a point-person who collects all names, DOBs and passport numbers as you will need to enter all of this information when you sign up.

    After you sign up, the point person will receive a confirmation with a zoom link and phone number to contact in case of emergency.

  • On the day

    Ensure you are all together on very reliable internet on a device which has a camera. Ensure you have your unopened test kits and your passport ready to go. The appointment will take approximately 20 minutes and most of that is waiting for the test to develop. You will have your certificate within 1 hour or less.

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